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Far Forest Society Pavilion  


 Callow Hill Show Ground
Far Forest Society
Charity number 205210

Far Forest Society was established as the Horticultural Society in 1902. It moved to its present site in 1946 and the Callow Hill land was brought for £2,000 in 1954. Traditionally a show was held every year in the 40's, 50’s and 60’s with 1000’s of people attending, even a former Prime Minister. People were bussed from Birmingham to see the show. It gradually declined in the late 80's, but in 1995 a committee was formed and the Show was re-established and has taken place every August ever since. Car boot sales have become part of the regular fund-raising events that take place, with monies raised going towards the upkeep of the New Pavilion, which is now being enjoyed by footballers, tennis players and the general public alike. The Society is a charity, solely run by local volunteers with no outside support, for the benefit of the community's recreational activities, and would welcome any new members, volunteers, ideas or initiatives from any local residents. We are home to Rock Sports Football Club ground and Far Forest Tennis Club.

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